Friday, July 20, 2007

Sake and a sex slave...

Ok, so last night I went to Sushi Zushi w/ my friend Cory-Mo... Fun times were had!!!!! We had a bit of sake then we went to see a band play. But I couldn't stay out late cause of baby J and because of work. Actually I rarely do anything during the week unless it is chilling at a friends for a couple hours...But this week I had time off so you know how I roll!!!!! Baby J is officially 7 months old now!!!!! Yay!!!!!

So anyways, last night "Allen Hendrickson" the vocalist called me. Which is weird cause I had just told somebody something about him being such a badass vocalist. I don't know if anybody remembers but he was the one always asking me to be his girlfriend every 5 minutes back in the day. So anyways, he called me and I answered and he starting playing "Since I've Been Loving You" on his electric guitar. I was totally aroused by it. He was wailing out on the guitar!!!!! It was incredible playing!!!!! Man this guy is a hopeless romantic and constantly tells me how beautiful and awesome I am every two seconds on the freakin phone. "Jessica you are so beautiful you were my dream girl in high school"...blah blah blah...This guy is sexy to the max!!!!! But on the other hand he is unfortunately a bit crazy. He is also the mortal enemy of my ex Chris...who I have to admit is a really good person at heart and is always right about people. Now this morning he calls and starts talking about how he is offering to be my sex slave and how anytime day or night I can call him and he will be at my service to either pleasure me or to just "hold me" if I so choose. He begged me to let him be my sex slave!!!!! I mean this guy is sooooo dramatic and like whats the word..........he is extremely intense!!!!! My buddy Eric is the one who had introduced me to him back in the day. The first day I officially met him he had serenaded me on his guitar. In a nutshell, this guy rocks!!!!! But alas, I have to refuse to see him because he is a musician and I have "HORRIBLE" history with musicians. All my ex's were full time musicians like as their jobs in life... Why do only "musicians" like me. It's like they find me out somehow. What the hell!!!!! I'm not looking for a boyfriend but if I ever do I don't want him to be a full time musician... I'm like hopelessly cursed to wander the earth with musicians clawing at my feet!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I just feel like eating some good food today and watching a movie or just chilling... til' next time.....Peace Out ;)


Seth said...

dude u are like always horny so if i was u i would definately take him up on his sex slave offer. i mean think about it jess. Your own personal sex slave! what could be more awesome that that?
plus ive always like allen hendrickson. i like his personality i guess. but you are right about not dating him.

as far as musicians go i know exactly why they always like you. with regular people u just sit there and just say random comments like "that food is good" or "that dude is hot" but ive seen u meet musicians on several occasions and when u do u instantly start talking about everything from chord progressions to the sun and the moon. u share your strange thoughts and weird perspectives on life with them. more intimacy with the conversation is more like it. also i dont know if u realize this but you are extremely good at listening to them play and then picking out the best aspects of their performance of whatever instrument they use. of course they like you! u feed their ego! and lets face it. u have an addicting personality. people are constantly trying to latch on to u.

so in closing i think that musicians like u because u are abstract and thats how their brains function. i think normal people bore u and therefore u seem a bit too intense for them. stick with your own kind such as writers musicians artists. maybe the relationships are hard but at least they are passionate.

Jessica said...

Good call!!!!!

Jessica said...

Hahaha, hey SETHY!!!!!!!!!!
Dude it is hilarious because Allen Hendrickson just called me AGAIN...this dude just doesn't give up. Hahahaha
Anyways, yeah but umm...I didn't answer my phone... Sometimes I love talking to him though just about music and stuff...I called him on Saturday night and it is funny cause I think I accidentally called Allen Olivas instead that Navy guy. Hahaha, OOPS my bad. hahaha

Seth said...

I just fucking erased all my shit i just wrote. anyways have fun and ill try to remember my shit later. he he

Seth said...

hey so hows things will my allen hendrikson? that fucking guy annoys me he calls u constanly and everytime im saying something cool he beeps in an ruins our vibe. let me know whats up. love peace and enchilada grease