Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blogs And What Not...Still A Sheisty Sidedish Of Crap Writing

Ok, so I'm starting to write in my "blog" again. Blog not only is a dumb name, it is a stupid-ass name as well. What an annoying ass word!!!!! And everybody and their mom now has a damn blog and they are all about the same ass shyyyyt!!!!!!!!!! It's like "ok yes I woke up and drank a protein shake and took a picture of this stupid ass rock and now I am posting it all because I've actually lied to myself enough to believe people care what the fuck I'm saying about retarded ass shyyt"...Ummmm, yeah so that's what those type of people say to themselves I'm sure... Hahahaha And I"m the worst damn one, because I don't talk about anything badass at all myself. I just like posting shyyt because it is a good online diary of sorts for me to kind of just get out these strange and stupid thoughts that I have swimming around in my melon all day. You know how I roll... And well besides I starting missing talking to best bud Seth all day and my friend Jeremy from Weirdsville and well...ummm...yeah so here I am yet again in all my blogging glory to start writing random bullshit again. I will have another post later today for my "own" enjoyment as I am sure to be the only fucked up individual to come to my wack ass page. So see ya around,

(And if anybody does read this, I will be posting pics again like back in the day coming in the next few weeks as well.)


Seth said...

im excited that the blog is back. i need a place to go to release my thoughts and i always know i can say anything on this blog. all the way from "my wang hurts" to " im horney" to "i nee to take a dump". thats why this blog nice to come to. myspace is cool but it is just so cold and full of ego. this blog is more relaxed and it is always a joy to see what weird shit u will say. the only thing that sucks is that i had to create a new profile becuase it has been so long that i had forgot my old password and userid. he he

plus ive been dating this horrible bitch of a woman tht i want to ask your opinion about. ill probably write on it later.

Jessica said...

Sethy date a bitch!?!?!?!?
Heavens no, not you Seth...hahahaha
You crazy bastard ;) XoXo

Seth said...

ok so this bitch is blonde and actually i have a lot of stuff in common with her but she is too much of a plane ass jane. shes white and blonde and young like 23 and has hot friends and yaddy yaddy yawduh. and for a while i actualy thought i liked her a lot but im bored with her. i want something new and exciting and not her boring ass.